Monday, 16 June 2014

Retrun of the blog!

OK, so the return of this blog.

It originally existed to help me with fundraising for the 2012 London Marathon, my first step on a much longer running journey, although I didn’t know it at the time.

Since then I have run a further 2 marathons, Paris in April 2013 and Valencia in November 2013.  That last one broke me in so many ways, doing damage to my left knee and while that seems to be better, I have still not managed a pain free run since October 2013.

So, the last month or so has seen me hardly do any running and I am down to just one injury now: a torn right glute (ie arse muscle) and I have a physio appointment for that this week.

It’s now time to get back in the saddle, but my aims for this summer season have been curtained somewhat. I was meant to set a 1.45 half marathon in the Winter/Spring and then concentrate on a sub 50 10k this summer, along with a sub 24 5K.  Well, I managed to run one half marathon in the winter, (Richmond old deer park) in 1.58, which I thought was decent given the lack of training, but that was it for that distance.

On the 10k front I just about set a new PB of 50.55 at Finsbury Park in May and was a minute off that in the London 10k a few weeks later.

My parkrun record at Highbury Fields is 24.57. That is my new aim. Beat that.

Although first I need to get back to running 5k, something I thought I was well past but here I am, starting again. Hopefully this blog might help with others as they find their way back after a period out, or it might just be me, shouting into the wind. Who knows, but at least writting about it should help me to focus. 

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