Wednesday, 30 November 2011

8km down, 34.2km to go.....

Right, that’s you lot left in suspenders long enough now. So, Monday’s “long” run. I actually had the day off, and spent half the morning trying to get some new running shoes. I have been using Brooks for a while now, with the GTS Adrenaline (silly name) seeming to do the job just fine for me, but I couldn’t find any in stock in my size, so looks like I will have to order some on tinterweb and get them delivered.

Anyway, after a nice little walk around I hit the gym, thinking “maybe I could do 10km”.  That is a bit far down the road on my training scheme (see here) but thought I might be up do it. After all, I did a half marathon just 8 weeks ago, so I must be good, right?

Wrong. I huffed and puffed my way through 8km (that’s 5 miles in old money) in 46 mins 15 seconds, and that final 5 mins was tough work, but I really wanted to hit 7.5km and from there thought I might as well do 45 mins, and once there I thought I might as well push onto 8km, but once there I just needed to stop.  Still, not too bad and something to build on.

I had yesterday afternoon off as well (using up leave that has to go before Christmas) and did consider going out, but I didn’t want to do myself a mischief after the previous day’s excersions, and it would also put me ahead of the training plan. So, instead I did nothing, but should be heading out for a 35 minute run tonight, which I am hopeful I can squeeze in before nipping out for a few drinks with a friend. I might also go out tomorrow as I have no plans for after work, which would bring Sat’s session forward to Thursday, and then I can do the long weekend run on Saturday. But we shall see!

Monday, 28 November 2011

A massive boost and a difficult saturday run

Right, it was a busy weekend for me, running wise, which is why I am now only writing late on Monday. I am going to do it is reverse order, as Sunday was a far bigger day than Saturday.

I didn't actually do any running on Sunday, but it was probably the most important day so far and will remain so, perhaps only being eclipsed by the event itself. So, I was invited to attend an event held by the Willow Foundation, the charity that has kindly given me a place in the London Marathon and one which some of you will know I have been raising money for already in 2011.

To say I was bowled over is a bit of an understatement.  I met the team who run the charity (lovely, one and all) as well as a few people who had been on a Willow Special Day. It really helped me to know how the money I am raising helps people and the massive effect it can have on some, helping them to deal with whatever they are going through, short or long term, and to be able to do something away from their problem, if only for a little while.

I also spoke to someone who had overcome cancer to actually run the marathon. Indeed, not only did he run it, he smashed it out of the park, crossing the finishing line in 4 hours 11 minutes. He is my inspiration. If he can overcome cancer to not only get round but to do it in a time that is a bit faster than my target, then it is the very least I can do to put my trainers on and get some miles under the belt, even if it is cold and chucking it down.

On top of all that, I also met the legend that is Bob Wilson. He was a true gent, making time for everyone, including me and the Mrs. We spoke not only about Willow but he also had time for a quick word about Arsenal, and he much he rates Wojciech Szczesny (try saying that after a few beers. Or even sober!) and he was also happy to have his picture taken with me:

So, a good day and not only do I feel more attached to the charity, I have also been given a kick up the arse.

Which is a good thing considering my performance on Saturday morning. Recall, my runs last week were the first off my new training plan. So, Monday was 15 minutes, Wednesday 20 and on Friday night I went to the gym and smashed out 25 minutes - if fact I ran for just over 26, nailing up 5km on the way. Not too shabby, and I can feel some of the fitness I had for the half marathon coming back. This was also undertaken with the remnants of Thursday night's hangover, which was due to the office Christmas party.

Saturday was meant to be a rest day, but since I knew I would be busy on Sunday (see above!) I had to get up on Saturday morning and go for a run, before going to the football and then out for a 30th. The plan says to do a 60 minute "ramble" but to be honest I am not sure what that is. I defiantly don't live in the countryside or own any hiking boots, so it was not going to be that sort of ramble!

Instead I did a very slow 6.5km, in around 50ish minutes, although I didn't time it. I just didn't have he energy to go round at full pelt (or as close to it as I can manage) and thought it would be better to just get the distance under my belt in whatever time I do, than to bust a gut and then give up after 3km. Hopefully my experience on Sunday to help to lessen this sort of run, with the extra motivation driving me on. We shall see, as on Monday I have the day off work, so and going to off-plan and go for a long run, rather than the 25 minutes stated. How will I do, only one way to kind out - come back tomorrow!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Sorry for the late postings, and 2 runs down!

Hmm, sorry about the lack of a post in the last few days. I though I had put something up earlier in the week, but it appears to have disappeared. Good thing I write this in Word and then paste across, so I have still got some of it knocking around!

So, after Monday’s somewhat difficult run I then played football on Tuesday night. In our first match we lost 2-0, although I am pretty sure the first goal was over head high and the second didn’t cross the line – Sepp, bring in goal line technology across the board! It was a disappointing result given we played pretty well, but there you go.

The second match was much better, with our team winning one nil! Another great defensive performance, although I was slightly disappointed by the fact I was put clean through, and despite having all the time in the world, I had visions of a great left foot volley and needless to say, I smashed it wide.  However, it was a good work out and my cold seems to have taken a back seat.

Back to running and I dashed down to the gym on Wednesday for the second official session on the training plan. I was down for a 20 minute run, but ended up doing 4km in about 21 minutes, and was not totally shagged out afterwards, which I assume means I am getting back towards normal fitness (for me at least). A quick shower later and off to the football (watching), but surprisingly only 2 pints.

So, I am pretty pleased with my first two runs, and tonight and meant to be doing a 25 minute jog, which I will probably round up to 5km in around 26/27 minutes.  However it was the work Christmas party last night (I know, still only Nov etc etc) so I imagine it could be a bit of a struggle.  I am then meant to be on a rest day tomorrow before doing an hour on Sunday, though that hour is not meant to be run at pace, so I think I will do 6.5km as quickly as possible (around 27 minutes probably) and then have a brisk walk for the final 20 minutes.

BUT I am meeting Bob Wilson on Sunday, so I will probably swap the days round. Bob (Mr Wilson to you) is the patron for the charity I am running the marathon for (find the Willow Foundation here) and before he was the ITV sports presenter, he played in goal for Arsenal, winning the double in the 1970/71 season (winning the league at White Heart Lane no less), so I am super excited to meet him. It takes my tally of Gunners up to three, having met Perry Groves and Steve Bould in the past.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

First session completed!

I have completed my first proper marathon training session! Not too hard though, my plan said I only needed to complete a 15 minute “jog” (however fast a “jog” is).  Beforehand I thought I would probably do closer to 25/30 minutes, as that is the sort of distance I have been running since I completed my half marathon at the back end of September.

However, it looks as if I have still got the last remnants of that cold kicking around as after about 10 minutes it felt like someone had put a belt across my chest and was slowly tightening it. After around 12 minutes I resigned myself to only doing the 15 and the getting off, but in the end I ran for just over 16 to complete a full 3km. Only a further 39.2 to go!

That said I feel much better today and although it is meant to be a rest day I will be out playing football this evening before our team’s Christmas dinner (curry).  Tomorrow is down for a 20 minute jog and I should be able to fit that in between finishing work and going to watch the football without too much trouble.  It is then meant to be two rest days and I probably won’t do any running on Thursday as we have our work Christmas party but I might try and squeeze in 25 minutes before going out on Friday night. But we shall see!

But I feel much better now I have a plan and have actually started to work towards the final goal. I work much better with specific targets ahead of me and the marathon itself still seems to be ages off but I am on the right path now.

Monday, 21 November 2011

I have a cunning plan......

Right, so I may not have done any more running since I last blogged but I have researched and found what will hopefully be a good training plan for me.

My first port of call was the Willow Foundation website (the charity I am running for) as they have a few training plans up there and former Arsenal physio Colin Lewin also works with them.  However, their plan is a 14 week schedule and I have a little more time on my side than that, and would also like a more gentle run up.

So, as ever, I tuned to google and put in “marathon training schedule” and was faced with millions of hits. To narrow it down, I put in “beginner marathon training schedule”. After hunting round for a bit I narrowed it down to the Bupa plan and the runnersworld plan. They are both 16 week plans and handily have a ½ marathon planned for 12 weeks time, which is roughly when I am planning on doing the Windsor Half. On top of this it means I should be good and ready a few weeks before the race itself, and if I get injured and miss a couple of weeks I have enough time to get back on track.

There is no time like the present and thus the plan starts tonight! I am still feeling a bit coldy and have loads of stuff lined up for this week but I should hopefully be able to fit in the early stages of training as well as my social life. It is only after Christmas that I reckon I will have to start turning things down and instead go running.

The rough idea is that I start off with three small runs a week and a longer one at the weekend.  All the running times/distances build up gradually to the big day itself, while there are also a few rest days in. I might have to jiggle the order of runs round a little to fit in with my life but generally I should be able to stick to the straight and narrow. I have even printed off a copy so I can stick it to my wall and tick off each session. It is here.

First up: 15 mins jogging apparently. This shouldn’t be too difficult, so I will probably do closer to 25 and some weights at the gym, before going home to cook a healthy Sheppard’s Pie. Plus beer (less healthy).

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Would the real Marge Simpson Please stand up. And 22 weeks to go..

It's a good job this is not an audio blog, as right now I sound like Marge Simpson, with a cold. Although I thought the cold I have had for about a week was clearing up a bit, my voice seems to have gone a bit mental and raspy, while my throat is still really sore.

Now, I know all you female readers will be thinking "man flu, get over it", but I haven't been complaining and have been out and about etc. It just makes running pretty hard.  Despite this I still went out on Friday afternoon and managed a not too bad 6.5km in 39 mins 44 secs.  Not fast, granted, but still not too bad considering I have hardly been out and have felt rubbish. And I only had to slow to a walk a few times, as per normal (up the hills), its just on the flat I took it a bit easier.

After my run I went to see Stewart Lee at the Leciester Square Theater. If you haven't seen Lee before, then you are missing out, this guy is the best stand up of a generaltion. Essentially, his new show "Carpet Remnant World" is:

What can a sexless middle aged married man, whose life now consists mainly of watching Scooby Doo cartoons with a four year old boy, possibly find to write comedy about? Formerly stand-up’s youthful iconoclast, Lee now gawps blankly at News 24 as Britain burns down around him, and blinks weirdly at the vast wayside retail outlets during endless journeys to and from increasingly indistinct provincial theaters. Once he lived on the pleasure planet. Now he is trapped in Carpet Remnant World. And so are you.

I laughed like a drain, but his former comedy partner, Richard Herring, is doing even better. I saw "What Is Love Anyway" on Thursday night and was very impressed.

Back to running and I didn't do anything on Saturday or Sunday, but did go to the Tower of London for the first time since I was about 10. It was really good, very interesting and informative at the same time - probably the best tourist thing to do in London. So I might go for a run after work tomorrow, depending on how I feel. No running on Tuesday but I will be playing football, so that counts as training, right? Then maybe a quick run after work on Wednesday before going to watch proper football be played. 

However, it was also pointed to me that the marathon is 22 weeks from today! In fact, it is currently 21 weeks, 6 days and about 14 hours! And I still HAVE NO PROPER TRAINING PLAN!! So, my mission for this week is to find an achievable training plan that fits in around my normal everyday life. Any recommendations?!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Return of the Fat Bloke (not Jedi. Not yet...)

Sorry for the radio silence over the last few days. You see, one of the reasons I started this blog was to help motivate me to run, as if I didn't then you would all know and then my failure would be public. And in turn, running motivates me to write, as it is nice to say "look what I have achieved".

However, what if I can't run (as opposed to can't be arsed to run)? Well, I have found I have very little to blog about (seeing as I am keeping this mainly focused on running) and thus haven't blogged. But now I'm back baby, yeah! 

So, the reason I haven't been running is that I have managed to get yet another cold. This is a bit unusual for me, I hadn't had a cold all year, but then 2 in the last few weeks. One I picked up in Croatia and the other was just the standard cold going round the office. The timing is a bit of a bugger, as I have had this week off and was hoping to get a few good runs under my belt and then maybe do 10k this coming Sunday.

Instead I have found it hard to breathe (one of those lovely colds that makes it feel like your lungs are wrapped in a blanket) and so have done the cleaning, cleared out cupboards etc. Oh, and I went for lunch at Gaucho Grill on Wednesday. Those of you who know me know that I am married to a veggie, and so most of the time just have veggie dinners, as it is easier and I have actually grown to like most stuff, you just need a bit more effort than when cooking meat but you can bash out some really tasty food. However, a 400g ribeye steak is not an opportunity to be missed and it was good to catch up with a good friend as we munch our merry way through a slab of dead cow. And it totally kicked ass.

But now I am feeling much better! Must have been the steak. Oh yes, not the week's rest, but the meat. Hmmmmm, lovely meat. Anyway, I managed to get out yesterday afternoon and do a fairly gentle 5k in a okish 28 mins 44 secs. I did find myself having to slow to a walk a little more than usual to get my breath back but you know what, it just felt really good to stretch my legs. And I had a slab of the wife's bananananananana cake as a reward when I got back!

I could really feel it this moring though. Not the cake, but the run. As I lay in bed I stretched out (as I am sure many of you do) and then had horrific cramp in the back of my left thigh. Now, I am no stranger to cramp, and those you you who have been lucky enough to see me in shorts will not be surprised I usually get it in my calfs. Still, after jumping out of bed and pushing down hard for a bit it subsided. And now I am writing this before going for a pre lunch run, as it is sort of sunny and not raining! 6.5km this time I think, though given I have still got the last bits of this cold, I am again forced with having to take it at maybe a slower pace than I would like. But hay ho, must get training! I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow, promise!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Record and Injury. Again. Sigh.

Happy Monday all

Sorry I haven't blogged over the weekend, but I do have a good reason. Sort of. Ready?

I didn't go running. Dun Dun Dah!

Well, I did go for a run on Friday night, but it has all fallen apart since then. I had a normal day at work and hit the gym just after 5 and smashed my way through 6.5km in a new recent pb of 34 mins and 45 secs! I ran at 11.4kph for the first 5km or so, had a walk for about a minute then pushed it up to 12kph for one km then for the final 500m I ratcheted the speed all the way up to 12.5kph.

I felt pretty good about myself after. As you may have noticed, I spent the first week of this blog doing 5km runs, then 6.5km, and then I should be running 7.5km this week. The aim is to slowly build up the speed and distance until I have a really good 10km base. I then hope to be able to hold that speed and once a week do a very long run (12-15km), one 10 km and a few 6.5km before a half marathon in late Feb.

I was never going to run on Saturday as direct from the gym I went to a leaving party and didn't get home until around 12ish, so was not feeling great on Saturday.  However yesterday I should have busted out a 7.5km but didn't, as I seem to have picked up a bit of a cold and on top of this my right calf was once again feeling a bit tight.

I was not too worried, as I have got this week off work, but I still feel a bit urgh today, so have instead just watched a bit of TV and done a massive tidy up at home. Oh, and played a lot of Football Manager, the best and most addictive game in the world, and pretty much the only computer game I still play now I am in my late 20s.

So, the plan is that tomorrow I will do a 5km run in the morning and then I am playing football tomorrow evening and I should then hopefully be able to do a 6.5km on Wednesday and then up to 7.5km on Thursday. Fingers crossed......

Friday, 11 November 2011

Karma in action

Well, that’s Karma in action. I wrote about trying to balance running and life yest, but then failed to do so. By the time I got into the gym and was underway I only had time to do a quick 4km before I had to jump off and make my way home so I could go the gig. Hey ho, can’t win them all, and I did still manage to fit the gym and a gig into a day that also included 9.5 hours of work, so not a complete failure, just not a success.

Still, I’ll have another go tonight. A friend is moving to Oz and has her leaving party tonight, which starts around 6, so the plan is to finish work, hit the gym and nail through 6.5km and then walk the 25 mins to the pub and party. That should mean I burn off around 700 calories, which means three guilt free pints! Not sure where I will fit dinner in, but it will probably be a take away on the way home, though that does not really help with the weight loss!

Speaking of which, I still weight 100.7kg, according to the scales in the gym. I did kick them round a bit to see if they would give me a better reading elsewhere, but in some places the weight went up, so I will just leave them where they are for now.

Sticking with last night, I can recommend going to see Naked and Famous if you get the chance. They are a Kiwi Rock/Electro band – something different from the usual landfill indie dirge or crappy R’n’B and the Roundhouse is a pretty decent venue, so a good night had by me and the Mrs. For a proper review, give this a whirl (ignore the bit where it says they are indie, they are deffo not):

I have the week off, so am looking at doing a few extended runs during the days (as long as it is not freezing cold), and there is a 10km in Hyde park on Sunday, which I am tempted by, although I am not sure I fancy getting up at 6am on Sunday 22nd to go and run round a cold park, esp if it is raining! Might leave it to mid week and make a decision then. What do you think?

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Combining training and life

As any of you who read yesterday’s blog will know, I took a day off training and went out for dinner with my family (Thai in Richmond, since you ask, and very nice it was too. Plus beers and even shots after! All on a school night, tisk tisk).

However, taking my first day off after four consecutive days of assorted training did make me feel quite guilty, especially as I went out for dinner – I am meant to be becoming less of a fat bloke, not more! So, I am now in a place where I am trying to balance my social life with training, and doing lots of both.

Now I am quite lucky in that although my job starts at 7.30am, I always finish at 5 on the dot, no matter what, and thus I am afforded the opportunity to nip to the gym direct from work (it is a two minute walk away) and be on the treadmill by 5.10-15 at the latest.

This means that direct from work tonight I will go to the gym, smash through 6.5km in around 35 mins, be out of the gym by 5.50 and home by 6.20. Then eat dinner (left over veggie curry – almost zero fat in it as I made it myself), jump through the shower, out the door by 7.10 to go the Camden Roundhouse to catch the Naked and Famous (1st support band on at 8). Phew!

It will probably be a similar story tomorrow as I am going to a friend’s leaving party from around 6.30, so shower at the gym and then direct to the party, no time for dinner! Hopefully I can try and organise myself better so I can find proper space in my life for both running and socialising without burning myself out.

Weight update: When I last weighed myself on Monday I was still 100.7kg and I don’t think I have lost anything since then, given I have been out a few times and had take away for dinner on Monday night! Hopefully I can eat a little healthier in the next few weeks and crack 100km before the end of the month.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Still plenty of running, although not against the clock

So, as alluded to in my prior post, last night still involved some training, but 5-a-side football instead of plain running.  I think the change in pace does me good, as instead of running at a constant speed for 40 mins I am sprinting, then walking, jogging etc.

Not a bad set of results either, won the first game 1-0 and lost the second 1-0 to the team who finished 2nd in the league. Plus, I managed to get a couple of shots on target, not too bad for a slow defender who gets a nose bleed every time he ventures too fat up field.

Plus, there was the inevitable post-match warm down, in the pub.

So, no exercise today of any sort. I think it is good to have the odd day off, and I have done excursive for the last 4 days, so a day off is in order. Instead I am going for dinner with wifey, my brother and parents, which I might blog about tomorrow as I will clearly have no exercise to talk about!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Another 6.5km and now onto the football!

Another 6.5km knocked off yesterday after work, in a none-too-shabby 34 mins 51 seconds. That is an average speed of 11.20kph fact fans, a fair bit faster than the 10.42kph achieved the day before, although of course that was set in the real world and not on a treadmill!

In addition, I also had a bottle of Lucozade sport to drink whilst running, as opposed to when I run outdoors when I can’t be bothered to carry around a drink, esp if I am doing less than 10k.  I have also used powerade in the past, which also seems to help me, but I am not sure it is really that much better than water. What does everybody else drink? Do you reckon it makes a difference?

Anyway, a night off running tonight, but not a night off training, oh no! Tonight is 5-a-side football – two 17 minute matches, with a break in the middle.  Now, I am no great shakes at football.  I would even say I am probably the worst player on the pitch but I make up for the skills deficiency but running round a lot and just barging into people, which seems to do the trick (unless they are bigger than me).  Although I am not the pacest player, I find that all the running I do means that I am as fast in the last minute as I am in the first, which is still not that fast but it does mean that everyone slows down to my pace towards the end of the match!   

Monday, 7 November 2011

13km weekend, but two very different runs


Well, I didn’t go running on Friday after work. I just didn’t have it in me, and surprised myself by sleeping for a massive 10 hours, as opposed to my usual 6-7, which I think demonstrates just how tired I was!

However, I was bright eyed and bushy-tailed to go for a run on Saturday morning.  It’s a pity my body was not up to speed with my mind though. Just 1km or so in I could feel my right calf muscle tighten up (despite my usual 10mins of stretching) and given the massive and painful injury I suffered to this area a few years ago (more on that another time) I thought it would be wise to slow it down and just have a slow jog rather than burn round.  I still managed to complete 6.5km, but in a dismally slow 39 mins 45 seconds.

Still, I got round the first 6.5km I have done for a few weeks and had a great time at the football in the afternoon – makes a change when you support my team, as Sat afternoons (or mornings, or Sundays, or Tues, or Weds – bloody Sky) usually involve bering nervious for 90 mins, then feeling relieved or just being annoyed at losing.

Blackheath fireworks on Sat night, which I am sure were lovely if you were in the clouds. Except we were not, and the big balls of water just obscured our view, making it all a bit pointless.


Another monster sleep in but this time my body was along for the ride! I did the same 6.5km route around Angel/Islington as the day before (I will provide a map when I have figured out how…) but was considerably faster, knocking it off it a not-too-bad 37 mins 25 seconds.  How can I be a whole 2 mins 20 seconds faster just one day later?

The variation in the quality of my training and speed from day to day confuses me – I know that what you eat, how you sleep etc can make a difference, but some days I am racing along and others I feel like lead in my legs. Luckily that has not happened on an actual race day yet, but surely it is only a matter of time?

Anyway, after my run I spent the rest of the afternoon on my arse watching The Wire (greatest TV show ever. Fact. We are halfway through season three at the moment) and playing football manager while the Wife (aka my running support team) made some mushroom/leek/lentil bake thing. Sounds weird but it was actually really nice!

It’s now Monday afternoon (I write this during lunch) and another 6.5km beckons, although it is too dark to run along the canal after work now, so it will just be on the treadmill, which almost feels like cheating. But isn’t.

Tally ho!

Friday, 4 November 2011

A stitch in time......

Day 2 of blogging and I already feel I have undermined my training regime somewhat with last night’s exploits.

At the moment I am concentrating on getting my 5km time down to a solid 25 mins, before then building the distance up, with the aim being that in a the next few weeks I should be able to complete 10km in 50 minutes or less.

Now, I know 50 mins is not exactly a searing pace, but remember I am training for a full marathon, so if I can hold that sort of speed for the entire distance then I should be able to get round in less than the four hours I am aiming for. 

However, just 3km in yest (running at 11.8km per hour – aiming for 12) I got a massive stitch. Does anyone else get these? Second time in a week for me, and it’s a pain in the arse. It was so painful I had to stop. I considered just going home, but instead did some weights stuff and then finished off the final 2 km. So no time set, but at least I did the distance!

It’s after the gym that I undermined my good(ish) work. Instead of a bowl of dry pasta, glass of water and off to bed (like a good little runner) I instead had 6 pints with my 5-a-side team, and failed to impress anyone in the local pub quiz. Oh, and had a curry as well.

So now, its mid afternoon and I am faced with a dilemma: Do I go to the gym after work today, even though I am tired and was a bit hung-over this morning (requiring the insertion of bacon sandwich) and struggle through another 5km, or do I sack it off and just go for a run in the outside world tomorrow morning, even if it is chucking it down? Why not let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Didn't go running, came home and watched Die Hard 3, as I had never seen it before. It was Ace, and I loved the little in-joke with Pulp Fiction. So, up early tomorrow for a 5km, maybe 6.5 if it is not chucking it down!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

First blog - The Fat Bloke Speaks!

My name is…, well that’s not important right now. What is important is that I am a fat bloke. A fat bloke who has this stupid urge to run as far as possible, as quickly as possible.

In fact, I will be running the 2012 London Marathon, my first, but probably not my last attempt, to run the distance. In order to try and make the training seem a little more interesting, I thought I would blog about it.

The idea is that other complete amateur runners can read about my training exploits, tell me what I am doing right/wrong (via the comments box below) and hopefully we can all learn something.

Either that, or you can take perverse enjoyment from the pain and suffering I am about to endure. The choice is yours.

But first, a little bit about me.  When I say I am a fat bloke, I am not massively obese or anything, but I am certainly a long way over the line considered to be overweight. I weigh 100.7kg (that’s 15 stone 12 pounds in old money, 222 pounds if you are a Yank) and stand 5"8 in shoeses (172cm). However, in my defence I am built like a rugby player who has let himself go a bit, rather than just 16 stone of lard!

I also already do a bit of running. When I say a bit, I have done a few 10kms, with a recent personal best of just over 56 minutes.  I also did the Run to the Beat half marathon in September, dragging my broken body round in 2hrs, 14mins, 57secs.  At the end I thought there is no way I could do that entire thing all over again, let alone there and then. But here I am, training for the full sodding distance.

So, I will be blogging each day to let you know what training I have been up to, how it went, if I am actually getting any better at this, if I am becoming less of a fat bloke and how much pain I am in.
If the mood takes me, I might also write about other bits and bobs, like films I have seen, gigs I have been to, etc. But the focus is on a fat bloke running.

Let the blogging commence!