Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Do-do, do-do, do-do, it's the final count down!

Yes, there are only 4 more days to go until the big race! So, this is your final chance to sponsor me if you have not done so, at

I am pleased to say that I have reached and breached my target level, and am now looking to round things up to a cool £2,000.

Training wise things are also progressing well.  Since last week I have defiantly been into the taper, running much shorter distances as I start to conserve energy for the race itself. In fact all I have done since last week is a 6.65km, 10km, 5km, 13km and another 5.5km.  What is pleasing is that the last two runs were actually pretty quick, getting round the 10km mark in the 13km run in 55 minutes while I got through yest’s 5.5km in 29 mins, 14 seconds, way above marathon pace and I still felt fine after it. Maybe there is something to this tapering malarkey after all!

I have started to turn a little paranoid though, as after all this training I really don’t want to get injured or ill and muck things up. In fact I have got a little cold at the moment but ploughed through Boots and brought everything I thought might be helpful to try and shake the damm thing off before Sunday. I also moved away from someone on the bus as they coughed and am avoiding the tube at all costs!

So, as the day gets even closer the training will continue to wind down, with a 4.5km planned for Thursday evening before going to see Mark Steel In Town and on Saturday a quick 3km in the morning before Arsenal vs Chelsea, where I will only have one pint at half time, and that is it.

I also start carb loading from tomorrow, with pasta becoming my best friend, closely followed by potatoes and rice. What joy.

If you want to follow my progress on race day my number is 51446 and you should be able to track me on the London marathon website! I don’t think it is GPS style tracking, rather just showing when I have passed through each tracking gate, but you should be able to keep tabs on me as well as any bets you have on my finishing time.

So, wish me luck and think of me on Sunday morning when you are having a nice cup of tea and a bacon sandwich as I flog my way round 26.2 miles in the sodding rain. 

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